COOKIES SHOW – International Kid´s Shoes & Lifestyle Brands is the first trade show that represents children´s shoes and lifestyle-brands. In association with the Berlin Fashion Week, held on January 16-18, we can be found at PALAZZO ITALIA, where we will create our very own International Kid´s Design Platform.

COOKIES SHOW offers the Kids-Design-Industry a new and timeless trade show concept. We are creating something new. We don’t care about quantity, but rather a fabulous and creative work environment for both presenter and buyer. We are creating a space for new ideas and impulse, for trade and network.

1. Quality not Quantity – it´s not anymore about big stands exhibitors have to invest in. 

Thats why we only offer 5 sizes: 
4 sqm: Young Designers – strict selection procedure
8 sqm: Beginner Stan
12 sqm: Basic Stan
16 sqm: Partner Stand
30 sqm: Premium Stand – only few available – Special Package

2. Inspiration – Buyers come not only to find out about new collections and trends, they also want to get inspired regarding store design and Social Media topics. COOKIES SHOW has a unique and innovative exhibition layout in order to not only ensure the optimal contact between exhibitors and visitors, but also to inspire it´s visitors and try to give answers for the issues to persist in the future. 

3. Hospitality – traditional aisles are transformed into lounge areas: places to enjoy a free drink and free food, to chat and to provide further explanation about innovative products, applications or services.